B & B's Rental Homes Hotels

Bed and Breakfasts.  B & B's are an Irish national pastime!  You can't swing a sheep without hitting one and they are all generally reasonably priced (20-30 per night, per person) and comfortable.

Rental Homes.  Rental Homes are perfect for families or groups who want to avoid paying costly hotel rates as well as a bit more privacy.  They are all extremely reasonably priced (350 for an entire house with four beds for an entire week!).  A couple examples are shown below, with links to many more.  Rental periods generally go from Saturday to Saturday.

Hotels.  There are myriad hotels in and around Galway City.  As is true with any city, hotels in Galway can be as nice or rugged as you would like to pay for.  Generally, rooms near the city center range anywhere from 70-200 per night.  Most hotels include breakfast and some include dinner.

The room at Ashford Castle will cost 225 (~$200USD) for the night.