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We would like to welcome you to our site for information pertaining to our wedding.  The wedding will take place on Thursday, 20 March 2003 in County Galway, Ireland.  This site will provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip and ensure that your visit to Ireland is a special one.  Events will be planned in Galway City during the week of the wedding for those who wish to take part.  Galway City is a beautiful coastal city and is the perfect staging area for exploring the west of Ireland.


The Wedding:  Galway Cathedral is located near the City Center and is hard to miss!

The Reception:  Ashford Castle is located in Cong, approximately 25 miles North of Galway.


We recommend that you plan on arriving in Ireland on Saturday or Sunday, 15 or 16 March.  This will give you time to get over the jetlag and will allow you to participate in the week's events.  Since the wedding will take place in the west, we recommend you fly into Shannon Airport.  Shannon Airport is located 58 miles (93km) from Galway and has rental cars available on site. 
A red "L" on a car window, like the one on the top right here, indicates the driver (or dog) is learning.


TRAVELING.  While 60 miles doesn't sound like far, keep in mind that Irish roads are not exactly the German Autobahn.  Most roads are two lanes with little breathing room.  So when planning your trip, don't try to see the entire island in a week.  When driving, plan on traveling at around 40 mph, with white knuckles at that!  The best advice we could give is to plan on spending the entire week in Galway, making day trips to the surrounding areas.  Visit the "Sites" page for information on various locations we recommend you take the time to enjoy.
The sign posts can be frustrating at best!  When planning, navigate by noting each town you will pass through on the way.  Then keep an eye out for the sign.

CURRENCY.  Ireland now uses the Euro () for its national currency.  Most prices listed throughout this site are in Euro.  The general conversion from the U.S. Dollar to the Euro is $1 : 1 (current as of 10 July 02).   The easiest way to do the math (if you're a philosophy major) is to take the price in Euro and subtract 10%.

LODGING.  Ireland offers the gamut of lodging options, from cozy Bed and Breakfasts, to hotels, to rental houses.  Rental houses are recommended for those of you with a child (or ten), as they offer privacy and are extremely affordable.  We have rented the entire Castle for the evening of the wedding (way!), so plan on spending the night of 20 March in one of the Castle's gorgeous rooms.  If you would like to stay in the Castle an additional night or two the same special rate will apply (225);  just be sure to notify the hotel in advance of your intentions.  Visit the "Lodging" page to view an assortment of accommodation options.

WEATHER.  The weather in Ireland, well, it's not California.  One of the reasons why we decided to have the wedding in March instead of August is because it just doesn't matter what time of year you plan an event, you are never assured good weather.  In March it is similar to the rest of the year:  overcast with a 60% chance of rain!  So be sure to bring an umbrella, sweaters, and a windbreaker with a hood, cause the weather is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!  Visit for an American's list of essentials.

The wedding mass will take place at Galway Cathedral, Galway City, and the reception will be at Ashford Castle in Cong.  Visit the "Schedule" page for a complete list of the planned group events.

Ireland is much more than bog, wooly jumpers and the black stuff (in American English: roving green pastures, wool sweaters, and Guinness - for a lexicon of common Irish English terms translated into American English visit the "Slang" page).  It is an island whose history is rich in musicians, poets, scholars and saints.  Ok, the Guinness and Whiskey are pretty good too!